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What is a Stockbroker?

A stockbroker trades in stock  for people or organizations. Only members can perform dealings, so whenever people or organizations want to buy or sell shares they must go through a broker agent. Stockbrokers often counsel and advice their customers on appropriate purchases. Companies describe the tecnicalities of the inventory change to their customers and collect information from them about their needs and economical ability, and then figure out the best purchases for them. The agent then delivers the order out to invest by computer or by cellphone. When the purchase has been made, the agent will tell the consumer the price they have to pay. The client will pay for the stocks and the agent service.

The beginning stockbroker’s first goal is learning the market. A agent once said, “First you have to decide whether you have an interest in to Stocks. This will figure out how well you are going to do. For anyone just considering earning money you will not get very far.”  Working as a stock brokers, means that you usually are working from nine to five. Except when they have meetings planed after five 🙂 Working as a stock broker means spending lot of hours on the phone/computer/office . Stockbrokers sometime teach others, so they get (new) customers that they can represent.

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