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37 thoughts on “How Past Meat's Inventory Surged 500 P.c In 2019

  1. Beyond meat has an impressive growth potential, that's why.
    Investors got excited,, because minced meat and fast food is 50% of the market for meat.
    Beyond meat sells as fast as they can, because the their product works, and is more profitable for the fast food companies at large scale.

    Demand is there. Investors did follow the demand for the product.

  2. My God you are so lucky in the US to have this discussion of how to seize the future, instead of Germany where we're becoming marxist with 9 out of 10 mainstream debates dealing with how to have more redistribution, more climate change hysteria patronizing, more socialism/less capitalism/"new economic order" as minimization, higher taxes, the state is always right to decide our lives etc.

  3. This explains why lately every restaurant I go to has been trying to shove this stuff down my throat. I first noticed it at a Fridays. You had your normal boring 3 burgers and then hey…BEYOND burger…wow what's that? And they made the picture bigger and better looking than all their other burgers.

    Then I just started seeing it everywhere else like Red Robin and I think I even saw one at IHop.

    So basically the stocks did well, now they have to actually sell the crap. lmao I've never tried one. Are they even good?

    Btw, Generation Z has been getting brainwashed into healthy eating and going Vegan. I think a lot of this bs starts from that. I have a nephew who thinks future food will all be processed lab made ….stuff that will be engineered specifically based on nutritional value. Like the goop from the Matrix or if you're a Trek fan, the base stuff used in all of their replicator devices. He went on saying that when people look back at us eating meat burgers and hot dogs that we'll be viewed as disgusting Neanderthals ripping into a giant piece of meat on a bone.

    So I'm like….well enjoy your bean burrito. "excuse me miss can I get extra bacon and cheese on my burger please? Sure, you can throw on an egg there too. Why not. Yum."

  4. Sears and kmart are undervalued and will rebuild fast with American wood because what the big states can't see is illnois state economy plan working only we have the wood and we need sears and kmart grow Amazon and other liberal companies just lose too much per share sears is worth 7 in the bad condition it's in kmart is worth 3.1

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