Jan 292021

If you look at things happening around us then you would say that you can. For example.

Covid-19 – At this point a big issue, but there are several vaccines for it. So, sooner or later it will be over. The value of companies that created those vaccines will be getting a higher value.

But also the business that do the delivery of this. And several other business that have a side effect from it. Like the producer of all the small bottles where the vaccine is transported in, but also the manufacture of the cooling cell, and the business that is making the equipment in the hospital.

So, can you predict stocks for those companies (If they have stocks) Yes, you can, as you can find a lot of information.

Same with companies like Tesla, and business that deliver parts for it, but also side effects from these electric cars will do good in the future market. Simple because the demand will only be bigger. That is why Tesla can make years a lost and come out as a winner.

So, start predicting yourself. You can do it ….

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